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Oil & Gas Industry

Oil & Gas Industry

Onshore & Offshore Shipping

Onshore & Offshore Shipping

Water Treatment Plant

Water Treatment Plant

Services 1

Oil & Gas Industries

  • New Plant and Equipment installation
  • Alignment of Rotary Equipments – Laser and Dial Gauge methods
  • New Pipe line installation ( C.S, S.S & HDPE ) & Modification works in Existing pipeline
  • Cold cutting in Oil Pipelines
  • Structural Works and related minor civil works
  • Column – Tray replacement Works in Refinery
  • In Situ machining of pitted flange faces in Equipments, Tanks and Vessels
  • Valve refurbishment
  • Rotary Equipment Refurbishment – Pumps, Tank Mixers, Fin-Fan coolers, Induced Draft Fans, Suit Blowers
  • Oil Terminal Maintenance works – Float roof seal repair works, Tank Mixer refurbishment, Tank annular plate seal

Services 2

Online & Offline Shipping

  • Docking of Ships
  • Engine Repair & Health check service
  • All pipeline and Deck repair work
  • Fire Fighting system repair work
  • A/C repair works

Services 3

Water Treatment Plants

Adonai stands at the forefront of providing specialized services in static equipment fabrication and structural works, along with related minor civil works. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our precision-driven static equipment fabrication, where we ensure the highest standards in the design, manufacturing, and installation of equipment crucial to industrial processes. Additionally, our expertise extends to structural projects, encompassing minor civil works for a comprehensive approach to industrial infrastructure. Whether it’s crafting static equipment with meticulous attention to detail or executing structural and civil works, Adonai is your reliable partner for cutting-edge solutions that meet the demanding requirements of diverse industries.

  • Static Equipment Fabrication
  • Structural & related minor Civil Works

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Adonai takes pride in offering specialized services tailored to various industries. In the realm of static equipment fabrication, we bring our precision-driven approach to sectors beyond manufacturing, such as energy, technology, and healthcare. Our commitment to excellence extends to structural works and related minor civil projects, ensuring robust industrial infrastructure across diverse sectors. Whether it’s crafting essential equipment or executing structural and civil works, Adonai stands as a trusted partner for cutting-edge solutions that cater to the unique needs of different industries.